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Tea Rooms Are Still a Thing

Tea Rooms- A Southern Lady’s Paradise

Today I want to talk about tea rooms! You may be wondering (or maybe you already know), what is a tea room? A tea room is typically a small restaurant or café that serves a variety of teas, coffees, and light meals. In other words, all of Molly’s favorite things! If I didn’t love tea and coffee so much, I probably would not be as aware of the tea rooms still in existence today. So, I’m here to tell you that tea rooms are still a thing and there might even be one right down the street from you! In fact, today I am going to tell you about two tea rooms that I personally love- Burdett’s Tea Shop and Mary Mac’s Tea Room.

Burdett’s Tea Shop- Local Treasure

Have any of you heard of a small town called Springfield, Tennessee? Yes? No? Well, if you haven’t explored Springfield then you are missing out. This is the cutest little town with one of the prettiest court houses I’ve ever seen. Burdett’s Tea Shop is located diagonally across from the court house, so you can’t miss it. Burdett’s has a warm feel and when you walk in, you feel like you’re walking into your family’s dining room. They serve soup, sandwiches, scones, quiche, and of course a variety of teas. The best part is when you order a cup of tea and they bring out the entire tea pot wrapped in what looks like a large oven mitt.

I love going to Burdett’s with my mom and sister because it makes us feel so posh, when we’re really not 🙂 Usually when we go, we have to order the tea party sampler. You get to try little tea sandwiches, desserts, and cookies. Who wouldn’t want to eat tea sandwiches and spill the latest talk of the town? Not that we enjoy the gossip, we just like staying up-to-date on the latest town news! Anyways, come up to Robertson County to visit Burdett’s and tag me in your posts when you do! You won’t regret it!

Mary Mac’s Tea Room- Georgia’s Tea Room

Tucked on the corner of Ponce de Leon Ave and Myrtle Street, sits Mary Mac’s Tea Room, the same place it has been since 1945. I love the history behind Mary Mac’s because it goes to show that when you create something so good, it will be around for a long time. Mary Mac opened her Tea Room after World War II when women were trying to make lives for themselves after being widowed or jobless. Many of them got together and opened up “tea rooms” because they were not allowed to own restaurants at the time. 16 tea rooms were created and Mary Mac’s is the only original still standing!

This tea room is different from Burdett’s, though, because its specialty is Southern home cooking! From fried chicken, to catfish, to fried okra, to cornbread, you can get just about every type of Southern food here. Their sweet tea is definitely Sweet Tea Sippin’ approved. I love that they refer to sweet tea as, “table wine of the South.” If you’re ever in Atlanta, GO TO Mary Mac’s!

Now you know that tea rooms are still a thing and there’s plenty all over the South! Tag me in your posts whenever you visit one and I will share on my pages!

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http://www.burdettsteashop.com/ – Burdett’s

http://www.marymacs.com/  – Mary Mac’s


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