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Southern Fashion

Alright, ladies! It’s time to talk about Southern fashion! I’ll also be the first to tell you that this is all relatively news to me because I do not dress like a Southern lady is “supposed” to. I tend to dress more modern, with muted colors and jeans. However, I thought it would be fun to look at some of the fashion trends in the South because why not?

Many of the traditional styles of Southern fashion include lots of dresses, gingham, pearls, and bright prints. Who comes to your mind when you think of this kind of attire? I’ll tell you who I think of and that is Reese Witherspoon! She really is America’s sweetheart and she represents the South well. Her fashion represents her femininity and her Southern roots, which is what I have always admired about her.

Southern Fashion

She even has her own store here in Nashville on 12th South called, “Draper James.” I want this entire store to be my new wardrobe! They have the prettiest dresses, blouses, skirts, and jewelry, I swear! It definitely helps that they give you sweet tea as soon as you walk in 🙂

Southern Fashion Trends of Today

Some people may think that the Southern Belle- style dresses are no longer in fashion, which is okay. Today, living in Nashville, we see lots of new fashion trends all the time. Recently, I’ve noticed that women are going back to the Bell Bottom jeans look. I am 100% here for this and it needs to stay. Usually paired with these Bell Bottoms are cute shirts, tassel earrings, and flat brim hats.

I guess you could say that today’s trends are heavily influenced by the Southwest. It does make sense because we’ve had many people moving to Tennessee from that region and beyond. I am definitely a fan of the fashion, but I can’t say I’m a fan of the traffic that has come with this influx of people. 🙂


These are just some of the trends we have today here in the South. I would love to start implementing these styles into my everyday appearance. What are some of y’all’s favorite fashion trends? Let me know in the Stories Tab on my website!

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