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Let the Ladies Do the Talkin’

Just like the title says, we’re going to let the southern ladies do the talking in this one. Y’all know that I love being a Southern woman, and I would think that most of us do. However, I would like to open this space up for some other Southern ladies to share their views. After all, the value we receive from sharing stories with one another is immeasurable!

The lovely women I have chosen to feature are two women who are very important in my life. First, we have my Aunt Theresa (AKA Tee Tee) and then we have my sweet cousin, Kayla (AKA Kay Kay)!

Aunt Theresa’s Story – An Experienced Southern Lady

“Some people may think that Southerners aren’t as smart as people from elsewhere. They may even say we are slow to speak, but I think being born and raised in the South is a true blessing. Living here is like having our own little piece of Heaven on Earth.

In Myrtle Beach, I have been able to experience the best of both worlds. Here, I have enjoyed the sunny beaches, as well as the lakes and the rivers, the city and the country. One of my favorite memories I have is of me and my Grandma sitting on the river bank, listening to the birds and crickets chirping. We used to enjoy spending lazy summer days together and sippin’ on a glass of sweet tea every chance we got.

As I grew older, I realized just how lucky I was to be born in the South where everything is laid back and you can really enjoy life. Yes, it is true that we spend Sunday’s going to church and Grandma’s house every week for lunch or dinner. We spend days upon days at the beach with our families, making memories that will last a lifetime.

Being from the South is not just a way of life, but a real gift from God.”

Kayla’s Story – A Southern Carolina Southern Lady

“Growing up, I learned quickly that ‘Southern’ was more than just an accent, it was a way of life. I was the little girl with the massive bow, smocked dress, lace socks, paten leather shoes, and pink lemonade in my sippy cup because my mother thought it ‘looked pretty.’ This was just the beginning of my journey to becoming a member of a family of Southern ladies.

I grew up in Myrtle Beach, SC, and I had the best of both worlds- one foot in the sand and sea, and the other in the dirt of my Papa’s garden. I had a unique childhood where I was able to learn how to be prim and proper, attending ‘Pretty Me’ etiquette classes and spending most of my time dancing away at the MB School of Performing Arts. But my childhood also included driving the tractor, picking peanuts, and snapping beans on the front porch with Grandma.

While I didn’t always accept my Southern roots, I now see that they are just as strong as the magnolia tree’s roots in the backyard. I am more than proud to be raised in the South and want to continue to grow my family here so that I can give my future children those same experiences that I now cherish. They say that nothing could be finer in Carolina…”

My Story – A Tennessee Southern Lady

Like I’ve said before, being a Southern lady in the South is like having a superpower. I’ve realized growing up here that smiling and being genuinely nice gets you a long way with people. I love that people see my femininity and honor it here, rather than using it against me. In fact, I use that to my advantage to get the things I want sometimes. 🙂 After all, we are women and we should capitalize on the very things that make us special!

Ultimately, my favorite part about living in the South is the people. They are genuine, hospitable, and kind… until you wrong them. Like the flip of a switch, you can instantly change their entire attitude toward you.  The worst part is when you’ve clearly ticked them off and they say, “Bless you heart.” That’s when you should run!

As I grow, I hope to further my own beliefs on life in the South and what it means to me. I hope you will explore your own roots and learn to appreciate them for everything they are after reading this.

If you’d like to share your own life advice or life experiences, feel free to submit them to the stories and life tabs on my page. Also, don’t forget to keep sharing and SUBSCRIBE for more Sweet Tea Sippin’!


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